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The Kelletts

It was understood that this Kellett family originally came from Ireland and the name had been changed from Kelly. Grandfather Solomonís marriage license was obtained to confirm that his father was the James Kellett found in the 1881 Census. Then Jamesí marriage licence indicated that his father was Michael Kellett, occupation mason. The matching family name for the 1861 Census appeared as Kelly with Michael being born in Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland and wife Sarah in Dublin.

Initially, Michael lived in a most unpleasant Irish community in Nelson Court. Apparently, in 1851, Bradford had the highest proportion of Irish-born people in Yorkshire - around 10% of the city's population. Michael then moved to Pudsey, East Bradford. Zoom out on this Bierley Map to show Kellett migration through Pudsey, Bierley and Horton towards Thornton. After Michael, The male and female Kelletts appeared to work in woollen and cotton mills.

American Connections

It seems that James and Annie Kelly spent some time in the USA after 1871, as daughter Clara is listed as being born in North America, in the 1881 Census.

Solomon Kellettís family also lived in the USA for a period. AncestorsOnBoard.com identified journeys from Liverpool to Boston in 1909 for Solomon Kellett (grandfather) and 1910 for Mary Jane (grandmother), Elsie (my mother) and Doris (aunt). They lived in Lawrence Massachusetts, a centre for woollen mills. At least Elsie and Doris returned to the UK and this was said to have some association with sinking of the Lusitania by German U-Boats on May 7 1915. The UK Incoming Passenger Lists was accessed (not free) to discover that Doris and Elsie returned on the White Star Line ship Cymric, due to arrive in Liverpool on 29 June 1915 (Shipís Log). Who would send their daughters home so soon after the Lusitania disaster.

In fact, in May 1916, the Cymric was torpedoed and it was a close thing a year earlier. (Reference).

Uncles Norman and Harry Kellett stayed in the USA, serving in the US Navy during WW2, afterwards moving to Hawaii. The US Social Security Index identified Norman KELLETT Birth Date: 19 Jan 1899 Death Date: Apr 1982, Localities: Ewa Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Further details of all the familyís arrivals can be found in Boston Passenger and Crew Lists, 1820-1943 and these are included in Kellett Text Records.

Solomon Kellett
Solomon Kellett

Other Relations

Barraclough - Solomonís wife was Mary Jane Barraclough. Her rather elusive father, Squire Barraclough, was a plasterer. Other male relations, back to 1841, were iron or coal miners and females tended to work in woollen mills. In 1851, 7 years old Mary was listed as a nurse and 10 years old Smith as a potter.

One American relative, who did maintain contact, was Ivy, my mother's cousin. She was the daughter of a Hannah Kellett, formerly Barraclough, Mary Janeís sister. Father was William Henry Kellett, unrelated to Solomon? She married Jim Angell and, at one time, they lived in Westchester, New York and finally in Whitestone, Virginia. FamilySearch US Social Security Index provided some information. This along with census, birth and marriage details are provided in Angell, Barraclough, Kellett Text Records.

Sharp - Solomonís father, James Kellett, was married to Anina Sharp. Family folklore is that the Sharps were related to John Sharp, Archbishop of York, born in Bradford in 1643. Back to the 1841 Census John Sharp family entries, male members were generally stone masons. John was born in 1796 and his father was identified as James Sharp, married to Elizabeth.

Wadsworth - Anina Sharpís father was married to Ellen Wadsworth. The family occupations were again mill workers and coal miners. Ellenís father, John, was born in Darlington, County Durham.

Other genetic connections found via Sharps and Wadworths were the Wood and Blamires families.