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Horton Brothers, Sisters and Children

Jack and Phyllis Horton lived on the Field Lane estate, Rastrick, Brighouse. Jack was a labourer and eventually yard foreman.

Colin and Doreen Horton rented various properties in Brighouse, Huddersfield and Bradford where Colin generally worked in a local mill. In his younger days, Colin was a singer, mainly appearing in northern working menís clubs.

Vera and Billy Hall initially lived on the Oaklands estate Rastrick, Brighouse, later buying a house not too far away. Vera worked in an office and, later, a home care worker. Billy was an engineering maintenance fitter.

Glenys and Tom Pearson lived in various houses in the Leeds to York region with Tom working locally for British Coal as a pit manager.

Marion and Johnnie Spence lived in Surrey before moving to Encino, California. Marion was a dancer, appearing in various stage and TV shows and movies. Johnnie was an orchestra leader composer and musical director for Tom Jones, Matt Monro and other major artists Marionís second husband, George Fox, was a Beverly Hills dentist. For further details of John Spence Abrahams ancestry see Spence.htm.

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