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Horton and Gomersell Uncles, Aunts and Cousins

These families all lived in the Brighouse /Huddersfield area but some of the cousins moved away later. Some birth and marriage details are in Text Records.

On the Horton side, there were only half uncles Norman and Arnold Brook. Initial knowledge was of Normanís second wife Connie (married in 1948), and children Lucy, Jack and David. It was thought that David was the son of Norman and Connie but no birth record could be found. BMD records suggest that Lucy was married to a George Sheard in 1941, then a son James D was born to Sheard/Brook in 1944 (registered Jan-Mar), preceded by the death of a George Sheard in 1943 (Jul-Sep). David was reported as having been killed in a road accident, aged 20, but no death record could be found for David or James D Brook or Sheard.

In the case of Gumersells, recollections of Jackís family were children Kenneth and Valerie where no BMD records could be found. There were no memories for uncle Bill and those shown fell in to place via BMD names, places and dates. Then, son Wright provided a familiar ring.

This tree reflects the tragedy of early deaths in these families, including the triplets in 1911 and Mary in 1932 aged 18, killed in a motorbike accident. Then there is Jackís twin Norman in 1924 and Lilian in 1937 aged 11, due to complications after falling off a wall.

Uncles Family Tree