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These files have been reorganised, mainly to include all DOS tests in one ZIP file and all than run via OS/2 in another ZIP file. The DOS tests are also for use with Windows 3X and substitutes for originals compiled for Windows 9X.

File To Test or Type Description or Function File (Was)
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DOSTests.zip CPU
Cache, RAM
Cache, RAM
CPU, Memory
Classic Benchmarks
Early BusSpd2K
Early MemSpd2K
MMX Instructions
Random Access
Serial Access
DOS Functions
CPU and Disk
CPU, Caches, RAM
OS2Tests.zip CPU
Cache, RAM
Cache, RAM
CPU, Memory
Classic Benchmarks
Early BusSpd2K
Early MemSpd2K
MMX Instructions
Random Access
Serial Access
CPU and Disk
CPU, Caches, RAM
CB16bit.zip CPU Classics 16 bit instructions CB16bit.zip
WhetJava.zip CPU Whetstone Benchmark HTML/Java WhetJava.zip
WhetsVB.xls CPU Visual Basic, Excel Spreadsheet WhetsVB.xls
Disk98.zip Disks For Windows 9X+, many options Disk98.zip
VduTest.zip Graphics Monitor Quality Tests VduTest.zip
MMXbus.zip Results MMXSpeed, BusSpeed MMXbus.zip
Dk98spds.zip Results Disk98 Dk98spds.zip
New Format Results Historic Results from pre-1960 to modern times Historic Data
Whets.c Source Code Whetstone Benchmark C with timers Whets.c
Whets.for Source Code Whetstone Benchmark Fortran Whets.for
Whetd.for Source Code Whetstone Benchmark DP Fortran Whetd.for
Whets.bas Source Code Whetstone Benchmark Basic Whets.bas
WhetsVB.txt Source Code Whetstone Benchmark Visual Basic WhetsVB.txt
Perfmodl.zip Modelling Spreadsheet system queuing model Perfmodl.zip

Classic Numeric Benchmarks    Go To File List

These are the Whetstone, Dhrystone, Linpack and Livermore Loops benchmarks (see Classic.htm and Whetstone.htm for details plus BenchNT.zip for latest versions that run via Windows). Further details and results can be found via Main Page. The following versions are available with optimised and non-optimised varieties:

In DOSTests.zip   Classic Benchmarks compiled for DOS 
In OS2Tests.zip   Classic Benchmarks compiled for OS/2
CB16bit.zip Classic Benchmarks compiled to use 16 bit instructions

Dhry1C16       Dhrystone 1 via Watcom 10.5 C/C++
WhetC16.exe    Whetstone via Watcom 10.5 C/C++  
WhetBAS.exe    Whetstone BASIC via BASCOM       
WhetProf.exe   Whetstone FORTRAN via PROFORT    
WhetMS5F.exe   Whetstone FORTRAN via MS 5.1     
A summary of results, including those for OS/2 and 16 bit versions, are in the following files. DOS and Windows version results are not identified as performance is little different.

Whetstone Results.htm   Linpack Results.htm            
Dhrystone Results.htm   Livermore Loops Results.htm

Download DOSTests.zip   Download CB16bit.zip    
Download OS2Tests.zip   Download BenchNT.zip  

Program Source Codes    Go To File List

The source codes for the Whetstone, Dhrystone, Linpack and Livermore Loops Classic Benchmarks are included in BenchNT.zip see Main Page. Documentation in benchmark zip files also include examples of the code used.

WhetJava.zip, Whetstone Benchmark Java version contains: Whets.htm (HTML description and running facility), Whets.cla (CLASS benchmark code) and Whets.jav (JAVA Whetstone benchmark source code).

The Java version can be run online via WhetJava.html.

WhetsVB.xls is an Excel Spreadsheet containing the Whetstone Benchmark in Visual Basic. WhetsVB.txt contains the source code for use in standard Visual Basic. Whets.c

Other Whetstone Benchmark source code in files Whets.for and Whetd.for are single and double precision Fortran, then Whets.bas is in Basic. Whets.c is a C/C++ variety with timers other than those for PCs.

Download Whets.for Download Whetd.for Download Whets.bas
Download Whets.c Download WhetsVB.xls Download WhetsVB.txt
Download WhetJava.zip Download BenchNT.zip

BusSpeed and MemSpeed Memory Benchmarks    Go To File List

BusSpeed measures memory and cache bus data transfer rates. Superseded by BusSpd2K ( see Main Page) which includes the same assembly code procedures and a greater variety of memory demands.

BusDOS.exe, compiled for DOS, is now in DOSTests.zip and BusOS2.exe, compiled for OS/2, in OS2Tests.zip. The DOS version can be used as a substitute for the Windows 9X/NT version. The three versions were previously in BusSpeed.zip.

Results are in MMXbus.zip

Download DOSTests.zip     Download OS2Tests.zip     Download BusSpd2K.zip

MemSpeed measures memory and cache speeds with moderate processing. The file contains description and benchmarks which essentially use the same code as MemSpd2K ( see Main Page) but only tests up to 2 MB. Memory for the two arrays is not aligned on MB boundaries so performance differences can be apparent.

MdtrDOS.exe, compiled for DOS, is now in DOSTests.zip and MdtrOS2.exe, compiled for OS/2, in OS2Tests.zip. The DOS version can be used as a substitute for the Windows 9X/NT version. The three versions were previously in MemSpeed.zip.

Results are included in MemSpd2K Results.htm.

Download DOSTests.zip     Download OS2Tests.zip     Download MemSpd2K.zip

MMXSpeed Benchmarks Using MMX Instructions    Go To File List

MMXSpeed measures CPU cache and memory speeds using all MMX instructions. MMXMax measures maximum memory speed and is superseded by BusSpd2K ( see Main Page). Example source code is included in the documentation. Contents are:

MMXDOS.exe and MMXMax, compiled for DOS, is now in DOSTests.zip and MMXOS2.exe, compiled for OS/2, in OS2Tests.zip. The DOS version can be used as a substitute for the Windows 9X/NT version. The three versions were previously in MMXSpeed.zip.

Results are in MMXbus.zip

Download DOSTests.zip     Download OS2Tests.zip     Download BusSpd2K.zip

Disk98, DiskMBPS and DiskRand Benchmarks    Go To File List

Disk98.zip for Win 9X/NT/2K/XP

Two versions are available DiskNT98.exe and DKFat16.exe, the only difference being a function that determines free disk space. The benchmark can be run from menu selections or a command line to measure serial transfer rates and random access times of varying size files. Superseded by DiskGraf ( see Main Page) but has many parameters useful for experimentation.

Results are in Dk98spds.zip

Download Disk98.zip
Download DiskGraf.zip

DiskRand DiskMBPS

These are older disk benchmarks. The DOS versions indicate very low speeds on modern disks unless a DOS based DMA bus driver is available. They may be of use in checking disks before Windows is loaded but cannot be used where the disk is formatted for NTFS.

DiskMBPS writes a single file and reads it multiple times. Small files demonstrate Windows File Cache memory speed. The benchmarks are DiskDOS.exe (compiled for DOS) and DiskOS2.exe (compiled for OS/2). DiskDOS can be use instead of DiskNT95.exe, compiled for Windows 9X/NT. The files were originally in DiskMBPS.zip. They are now in DOSTests.zip and OS2Tests.zip.

DiskRand measures disk random access times. It also has facilities to emulate transactions accessing a database via multiple users. Tests are RandDOS.exe (compiled for DOS) and RandOS2.exe (compiled for OS/2. The former can be used in place of RandNT95.exe, compiled for Windows 9X/NT). These are also in DOSTests.zip and OS2Tests.zip instead of DiskRand.zip.

Some results are included in Dk98spds.zip

Download DOSTests.zip     Download OS2Tests.zip

VideoDOS and VduTest Graphics Tests    Go To File List

DOSTests.zip contains the following VideoDOS benchmark besides descriptions and results. These were previously in VideoDOS.zip

1 - VideoDOS.exe - DOS function tests - measures speed in terms of Millions of Pixels Per Second for putimage, ellipse, rectangle (fill), setpixel, lineto and getimage/putimage at 16 and 256 bit colour settings.

Download DOSTests.zip

See Windows Video Tests in Main Page where VideoWin executes similar functions via Windows.

VDUTest.zip Monitor Quality Test and 16 Bit Benchmark

Contains VDUTest.exe, a monitor quality test that displays bitmap patterns with full screen tiling and zoom in and out. BMP pattern files are included.

The zip file also includes VideoW16.exe a 16 bit version (for Win 3.1 and later) of VideoWin See Main Page.

Download VduTest.zip

Reliability and Burn-in Tests    Go To File List

BurnDOS and BurnOS2 are reliability tests compiled for DOS and OS/2. They contain floating point and disk burn-in test programs that check data for correctness and can be run for a long time. The test functions are the same as included in Burn9XNT, the revised version for Windows ( see Main Page).

BusSpeed benchmark. with CPU, Cache and RAM tests include some where data is checked for correctness via DOS and OS/2.

BurnDOS is now in DOSTests.zip and BurnOS2 in OS2Tests.zip rather than BurnDOS.zip and BurnOS2.zip. These ZIP files also include BusSpeed tests,

Download DOSTests.zip     Download OS2Tests.zip     Download Burn9XNT.zip

Result Tables    Go To File List

Results are available for PCs using 80386 or 80486 CPUs up to modern processors. See Main Page. Some of the files include older benchmark results. The results files are:

Whetstone Results.htm Linpack Results.htm
Dhrystone Results.htm Livermore Loops Results.htm
MMXBus.zip for MMXSpeed, BusSpeed MemSpd2K Results.htm for MemSpeed
Dk98spds.zip for Disk98, DiskMBPS, DiskRand DOSTests.zip for VideoDOS

Historic Data    Go To File List

Three sets of data are provided for mainframes, minicomputers, supercomputers, workstations and PCs. Where available, production year is also shown. Speeds are in Kilo (thousands) of Instructions Per Second (KIPS), Millions of Instructions Per Second (MIPS) or Millions of Floating point Operations Per Second (MFLOPS). They are:

CPUMix - Processor speed calculations in KIPS, based on mixes of instructions for commercial and scientific applications for some computers from pre-1960 to the 1970's.

MIPS - Published speed claims for more than 2000 computers produced between 1980 to 1996. Costs and other configuration details are also shown.

Whets - Whetstone benchmark results mainly 1970's to 1990's. From 1980's results include derived MIPS and MFLOPS ratings. An extra section has been added just for PCs, to include results up to 2005.

These are in HTML format with indexed look-up facilities:

CpuMix.htm     Whetstone.htm     MIPS.htm

Details of IBM’s larger mainframes and PC CPUs up to 2004 have also now been included in the latter.

PerfModl.zip Spreadsheet system queuing model    Go To File List

Calculations for sizing or capacity planning of on-line computer systems invariably involve the use of a queuing model in order to estimate response times and throughput. In most cases, readily available formulae from standard queuing theory are used. The most frequently used calculation is to estimate the increase in service time as 1/(1-u), where u is device (e.g. CPU) utilisation. Unfortunately, the queuing theory is based on the assumption that there is an infinite number of customers, the calculation producing infinite queuing time with a utilisation of 1.0 (100%). There are formulae for finite populations but these are more complicated. Even more complexity is introduced when considering multiple processors.

During the 1980s, Roy Longbottom of CCTA turned existing models inside out and introduced "Think time" to enable calculations to be carried out for transaction processing and RDBMS applications. In the case where each stream is considered to be executing the average transaction profile, the calculations are quite simple. The models were used on numerous occasions for sizing new computer systems, validating on-line and batch benchmarks and in capacity planning.

The spreadsheet model has input parameters for think time, CPU time, disk time etc. for the average task or transaction. It carries out calculations for an increasing number of tasks or on-line users. These are queuing times, response time, elapsed time, device utilisation and queue lengths. The model is intended for use as an aid for sizing and capacity planning of on-line computer systems, also in understanding multitasking benchmarks. XLS and WKS spreadsheet versions are supplied.

Download PerfModl.zip

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