Whetstone Benchmark Java Version
For the benchmark to run, Java (JIT compiler) needs to be enabled in browser Advanced Properties.
Running time is around 100 seconds.

This is an on-line version of the benchmark, originally produced in 1997. This, including the Java source code, can be found in:

The Whetstone benchmark produces an overall performance rating in terms of Million Whetstone Instructions Per Second or MWIPS. This, and other later versions, measure the speeds of individual test functions in Million Operations or Floating point Operations Per Second (MOPS or MFLOPS). Note that, using the same software and processor model, measured speeds can be expected to be proportional to CPU MHz. See the following:

Whetstone Benchmark history, description and results   Java results on PCs
Java performance comparisons with other programming languages

For other benchmarks see Roy Longbottom’s PC Benchmark Collection.

Following are results from a 2008 low end laptop with a 2.0 GHz Celeron (1 CPU Core 2 variety).

Example Results

Besides CPU speed, the benchmark measures graphics speed, in millions of pixels per second, for copying to the screen. When the Java benchmark was written, the older or slower PCs might run at less than 5M pixels/second copying. This is too slow for graphics at less than 6.4 frames/second or more than 156 milliseconds to display 1024 x 768 pixels (but faster than most broadband). The low end laptop has Intel X3100 graphics, which is slow for 3D games but, at 542M pixels/second, more than fast enough for general use.

Roy Longbottom January 2009